2nd and 3rd place in Speeling Bee Insterschool Competition

Our students represented our school in an interschool competition, where they had to show their abilities by spelling words without mistakes.

Fortunately for us, it is a tremendous pride that our students could give the best of them in this contest, where they could get 2nd and 3rd place.  Here we explain you who participated and the winners.

Competición Spelling Bee Organizado por Colegio Concepción

Participaron los siguientes colegios:

-Instituto Humanidades Concepción

-Wessex School

-Colegio Concepción San Pedro

-Colegio Concepción

-Colegio Concepción Chiguayante

-Colegio Los Acacios


Lugares en Competición Estudiantes Básica 

1st Place – Instituto Humanidades

2nd Place – Colegio Los Acacios

3rd Place – Colegio Concepción San Pedro


Lugares en Competición Estudiantes Media

1st Place – Wessex School

2nd Place – Colegio Concepción San Pedro

3rd Place – Colegio Los Acacios


We congratulate our students, who gave the best in this opportunity, showing that they are more than capable to participate in demonstrating an excellent level in a contest.


English Department.