1st English Camp Los Acacios School

English is Everywhere

Students of ours participated in an amazing innovative experience, they had to be part of groups with students they’d never spoken english before they were part of this. Moreover, groups were made with the intention to represent a country, in which a student from Universidad San Sebastián lead them to accomplish everything we encouraged them to do. Furthermore, they had to present in front of their partners their flag, a cultural element, a stirring speech and if they wanted more, they could have done a dance, which most of them did.

Consequently, our students participated in stations, where they could learn grammar and vocabulary in a different, entertain and funny way that USS students-teachers prepared for them. Even “Rosco” took place in English, whose activity really draw their attention according to what they said to us.

Finally, all of them received a certificate for being part of this amazing project.

We are really grateful for those USS students-teachers who participated and gave the best of them in this innovative project.

Dear students from CTPLA, you were awesome, don’t forget to continue giving the best of you. This is just the beginning…

We invite you to see more pictures in “MULTIMEDIA” on our WEB PAGE.


English Department