Proyecto «Teenzania»

Teenzania is a project made by the Administration Department and the English one as well. Where students were able to show their skills in a foreign language in customer service.

They showed their abilities in terms of how they can solve a problem when a customer comes to you angry and defiant and you have to keep yourself calm so you can answer all of its questions in a foreign language, which nowadays is a weakness in this Chilean market and it’s something that we’ve been thinking about for a long time so students can manage these kinds of situations competently.

Firstly, students teachers from Universidad San Sebastián were the customer in this roleplay and helped our students to feel empowered learning ways to communicate, not only with the body language but with fluency and pronunciation and useful phrases to control the setting.

Secondly, our Acacios’ students had to prepare a stand representing their company and dressed as well, having a roleplay that fits with nowadays problems in the retail.

Finally, they presented their roleplays which completely draw our attention. Having an excellent performance at the moment of speaking.


Thank you USS students teachers, your help and motivation was the key for our students to continue improving, we hope this experience has enriched yours in your choice of becoming future teachers. We also thanks  Miss Mirsa, the person in charge of giving us the chance to have students from Universidad San Sebastián that could be part of this project.


Departamento de Administración and English Department